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Basic Tips for Talking and Tasting Wine Basic Tips for Talking and Tasting Wine
Basic Tips for Talking and Tasting Wine

Before you enter the golden-gates of a wine-tasting venue, it’s a nice idea to spruce up your wine-tasting language. Wine tastings are a great way to spend a day with friends, and enjoy time away from the grey verbiage of an office, or business venue. Take some serious time off the clock and unplug from your usual words! A few basic terms are sure to have you in ship-shape before your wining adventure, and will help enable you to say more than: “This wine is good!” and “This wine is bad!”. Let your wine terminology soar like a newly freed champagne bubble, and have a read.

Wine-Tasting Note List:


Belgian chocolate Warm chocolate Vanilla Licorice Maple  


Gooseberry Currant Sweet-tart Lemon Lime


Apricot Apple Black Cherry Cherry Peach Strawberry Blackberry


Cedar-smoke Cigarette smoke Tobacco


Rich cocoa Coffee Tannins Black tea Bergamot


Grassy Leather Oaken Barrel Black pepper Cinnamon Eucalyptus Loam Pine

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Tips on Tasting Wine and Scanning for Notes

Wine tasting can be such an overwhelmingly good time that your senses carry your mind away. It’s totally fine to let loose, just don’t lose your palate or quest for new flavors along the way. When tasting wine with friends or family, be sure to remember to take some deep breaths to keep your heart rate mild, and follow these four steps to fully experience your wine:

  1. Read the description for the wine you are tasting, and clarify any questions you have with a nearby staff member.
  2. Look at your wine, and evaluate it for color and body as you swirl it around a few times.
  3. Smell your wine a few times, taking a breath from the back of your nose.
  4. Taste the wine, and let your nose and taste buds do the rest of the math.

Continue Searching for New Notes

When seeking out new wines, choose words that fit what your palate is in need of, or curious about, and go seek them next time you attend a tasting or buy a bottle at the store. If a note has seized your special attention, explore a variety of wines that are associated with that particular note. Wine tasting can be extraordinarily enjoyable from a single-note perspective. Connecting a single note to a spectrum of combinations will provide you with limitless wining adventures. Evaluating a single note in different flavor-dominant situations will help you understand a note’s stubborn or versatile qualities.

The Universal World of Wine

Wine notes can be tasted and enjoyed by everyone. Whether you are attending a wine event, or choosing a bottle for the week, connecting your wine time with precise language makes for a sharper, vivid experience and remembering. Enrich the air with words as you enrich your palate, and share the scoop on your latest flavor-quest with other seasoned wine adventurers. Lending an ear to wine discoveries made in the community is a great way to absorb tips and tricks. Knowing your wine notes as well as you know your very favorite foods can help open up a new world of cuisine with every changing week.

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