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Craft beer potentials and food pairing Craft beer potentials and food pairing
With the ever-expanding market of craft beer showing positive projections of potentially reaching heights as high as USD 502.9 billion by 2025, according to... Craft beer potentials and food pairing

With the ever-expanding market of craft beer showing positive projections of potentially reaching heights as high as USD 502.9 billion by 2025, according to reports from Grand View Research Inc, surely it’s a great time to be in the business.

Ok, those numbers might play a thing or two in your mind leaving you to want to jump on the hype train but please slow down a bit. Starting a craft beer isn’t as easy as it might seem, you are going to incur some expenses as the business is capital intensive. However, on covering all of your expenses and handling the basics of branding, and awareness, you then need to proceed into becoming as creative as possible for your business to operate efficiently.

Craft breweries often diversify into selling accessories like T-shirts, or other things with food also being one of them.

As palatable as handcrafted beer might be when drank solely it’s pairing with a sumptuous bite can be the icing on the cake as taste buds are guaranteed to be elevated to new horizons, “if done correctly.”

According to Statistics in 2017 by the Brewers Association shows that over 80% of craft beer lovers drink their beers alongside food. This statics means one thing, you need to offer food at your brewery no matter how little. I know making meals might not be one of your specialties considering your beer making a line of business, but we all learn every day so picking up on the family long recipe or simply looking for someone to help handle that sector would be best attended to with immediate effect.

Just simply offering any dish though can be a little tricky as you need to consider what customers are likely to demand for and also as you need to serve dishes that would appease to and sync with your beer. This is where research comes in and lucky enough for you this is a list of simple dishes that go with just about any beer.

SOURCE: Pixabay

BBQ ribs.

Yes, we all know this juicy beef delight goes with just about any meal that could cross your mind. Moreover, nothing beats drinking a chilled glass or can of craft beer than drinking alongside a well grilled caramelized sweetness of BBQ ribs, you can spice things up a little by simply adding carrots and slaw to provide some diversity in taste.

Pork Chop
SOURCE: Pixabay


Another Native American dish that goes amazingly well with craft beer is Porkchop. Porkchop mixed with apple sauce can serve as the grand awakening of any taste bud when served alongside a well-served tropical craft beer made of well-distilled tropical hops. This get together guarantees you giving your customers that juicy, meaty feeling that we all crave.


Fried fish.

Fried fish goes with just about anything, and a glass of beer is no exemption. The fried fish in question can be a simple Titus, salmon or whatever fish you are most comfortable with which is lightly fried. The fish can be flavored before preparation to add more flavor when prepared.

The fish dish can be complemented with slaw or rebranded in the form a taco. Basically, you playing about and being creative or like in most cases deciding to create a signature dish.

You can do as you please, just ensure to carry out a tasting session to get a better audience reaction to whatever dish you decide to serve your customers before proceeding into adding it in your menu.

Seth Green

Seth Green

Seth Green is a freelance writer, designer, and developer who’s in love with what he does. If it’s not reading and improving on his skills its spending time out and having a chilled glass of craft beer. He is very passionate about business, sports, and food and loves to learn new things.

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