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Craft Brewery Review: Riip Beer Company Craft Brewery Review: Riip Beer Company
Location: Huntington Beach, CA Surf City, USA is one of the most popular tourist stops in Southern California, but if you want to get... Craft Brewery Review: Riip Beer Company

Location: Huntington Beach, CA

Surf City, USA is one of the most popular tourist stops in Southern California, but if you want to get away from the busyness on Main Street, you are just a few miles down the road from Riip Beer Company. Riip is located on the Pacific Coast Highway across the street from Bolsa State Beach in the Huntington Harbor area.

This coastal brewery is a local favorite and it is always packed with friendly faces (people and dogs) of Huntington Beach. If you want to relax, head to Riip and enjoy a hoppy West Coast IPA.

Riip Beer

The Beer

If you ask anyone at the bar, Riip is known for their hops. IPA’s are a staple on the menu, with classics like the Super Cali and a number featured West Coast IPA’s rotating in and out every week. Riip brews onsite and every beer is always fresh and ice cold. Hazy’s are especially popular — there is just something refreshing about a hazy IPA by the beach.


The names are always clever and are displayed on handpainted skateboard decks— just some of the “Riip style” that you find around the brewery. About 18 boards hang on the wall above the beer taps, with names like “Tragically Riip”, a spin on one of Canada’s biggest rock bands. If you are not into hops, there are plenty of other beers to choose from, like Marooned 12, a 12.1% Belgian Strong Dark Ale. It is a small brewery, so make sure to try the featured taps before they sell out for the day.

The History

Aside from the tasty hops and laid-back vibes, Riip Beer Co. has a great history that will have you cheering for the underdog of craft breweries. Riip is a newer brewery, just established in 2014. According to their staff (and verified by, the owners started brewing in a garage when just getting started, like many other craft been enthusiasts. When faced with the expenses of a brewery in Southern California, they had to find a way to make a name for themselves and get their beer into the market. These creative entrepreneurs started to hand deliver growlers and bottles in an iconic coach that was used to deliver baked goods back in the early 1900’s. Even with a lot of backlash from competitors, persistency and delicious, quality beer triumphed, and eventually, they were able to open a public brewery and tasting room. It is safe to say that their unique plan for distribution was a huge success, since they now have prime real estate and a packed house all week long. For those of you who plan on staying in for the night, Riip Beer Co. will still deliver to your door.

The Rest

Riip is a nano brewery; the barrels are on one side with a small tasting room that is open only weekends, and the main tasting room has a bar, multiple tables and plenty of outdoor seating. With the open garage doors you can feel the ocean breeze from any seat, inside or out. The atmosphere is relaxed, usually playing reggae jams or something easy to listen to. The staff is very friendly and hard-working; they do not stop moving between pouring and keeping the brewery spotless. For a relatively small brewery, Riip offers a big menu that will satisfy any craving, whether it is pizza, Mediterranean, sushi, or Meixcan food.

There may not be a kitchen at Riip, but you can order directly from the brewery and have the choice of nearby restaurants to deliver to your table. Riip Beer Co. really has created its own culture that welcomes everyone to kick back, even if you want to bring your kids or your four-legged friends. This brewery is tough to categorize because it does not cater to hipsters or pretentious beer snobs, and does not sit in a warehouse or industrial park. It is still under-the-radar, but a perfect combination of great beer, a large selection on tap, and a carefree atmosphere make it stand out as one of Southern California’s best. There really is nothing like it in the area.

By: Molly Wood

Molly Wood

Molly Wood

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    Ryan Riip

    April 11, 2019 #1 Author

    Thanks Molly for the awesome review. We started out as a Nano Brewery which is a 3bbl or less Brewing System but we have since expanded to 10bbl so we are technically a Micro Brewery now but love our roots and where we came from and still love being known as a Nano. You hit the nail on the head with this review. Thank You!


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