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How to Explore Prague, Czech Republic’s Finest Brews: Travel Inspiration for 2019 How to Explore Prague, Czech Republic’s Finest Brews: Travel Inspiration for 2019
How to Explore Prague, Czech Republic’s Finest Brews: Travel Inspiration for 2019

Firstly, I want to say that I am not sponsored by any company, website, or touring agency.

Anyone who knows me or has seen any amount of my writing will know that I love microbreweries. After moving from the great ‘Brew City’ of Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA all the way to Prague, Czech Republic, a brand-new world of breweries and tastes opened to me.

For that reason, I am dying to take you all on a mini tour through just three of Prague’s microbreweries and hopefully you readers will plan a craft beer-vacation to Czechia!


This article would not be complete without this quick introduction to ‘Beer Tours Prague’ (Website: As a phenomenal host to a variety of brewery tours and beer tastings for tourists and Praha natives alike, Beer Tours Prague’s motto is “Go Local”, which I’m hoping that you all know has been my motto for years! I knew I had to get involved.

One of my highest recommendations goes to their ‘Prague’s Micro Breweries’ Tour. For a mere €74, you and a small group of other beer sommeliers will be transported through Prague’s city center and through the historical back bone of some of the most quality Czech craft beers. The tours begin promptly at 4:00 PM each day and are led by a true local Prague native, so you can be certain that the breweries you’re visiting are definitely on the top shelf.

The first of three breweries is U Medvídků, also known to be one of the oldest noted breweries in the continent and dates back to the 15th century! Visit on the tour and you will be tasting the strongest beer in the world, X-Beer 33,alongside some quality traditional pub treats. Interested in only visiting U Medvídků? The brewery is closely connected to both a hotel and a restaurant! (Check it out:

Next on the tour: Brewery Národní. With heavy recommendation, Národní hosts one of Prague’s most phenomenal summer beer gardens. However, if you visit with the tour, you will be able to sample straight from the fermentation cellar as well as tour the brewery itself. The drink of choice here? Czech Lion Lager. (Check it out:


The final stop on the tour also dates back to the 15th century. U Dobřenských Brewery specializes in herbal beer with two classic year-round availabilities: Tribulus Ale 14° and Salvia Stout 14°. Since it is the final stop on the tour, tasters are permitted unlimited beer at this stop which is just another reason to give the tour a good whirl! (Check it out:

If none of the historically dense microbreweries tickle your fancy, worry not! Prague is not the only city in the Czech Republic with readily available craft breweries. With Plzeň and České Budějovice being mere day trips from the capital city, you never have to fear for a lack of beer. If you should find yourself in České Budějovice, the classic Budvar Budweiser brewery is bound to lure you in. For a mere 100Kč (about €4), you can find yourself on a tour in English around the world-renowned brewery itself.

I hope your wanderlust is setting in!

Cheers and Happy Brewing!


Charolette Fletcher

Charolette Fletcher

Charolette Fletcher is a travel lifestyle blogger, freelance writer, and expatriate currently living in Prague, Czech Republic. Powered by caffeine and good vibes, Charolette is a self-identified 21st Century gypsy soul who enjoys exploring the great unknown of her own backyard to the dancing beat of any drum.

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