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Ever since the launch of craft beer and music site, “Beats and Brews” I’ve always been fascinated with the science of brewing. The state... Mitten Made Craft Beer

Ever since the launch of craft beer and music site, “Beats and Brews” I’ve always been fascinated with the science of brewing. The state of Michigan currently ranks as the 4th best state in the country for craft beer and with great beer cities such as Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, it’s easy to see why.

Bells Brewery, located in  currently has the #1 most popular craft beer
in America, the “Two Hearted Ale.” Bell’s Two Hearted Ale is an American style
IPA brewed with Centennial hops that give the beer a “piney” taste and “fruity”
hop aroma.

In addition to the Two Hearted, Bell’s “Hopslam” is also one of the most sought-after brews offered by Bells. Hopslam has a very complex aroma, the combination of stone fruit with a floral kick give it a very distinct presence. One major reason for
the success of Hopslam is the limited release, Bells only sells Hopslam in the
winter and releases every January.


Another big release from Bells Brewery is in spring, the release of a Michigan favorite, Oberon. Oberon has a very significant place in the Michigan Craft beer world because it signifies the start of spring and the start of Tiger’s Baseball. To some, Oberon day(the release of Oberon) in the metro Detroit area is treated as a holiday and even has some people calling off work to purchase the freshly tapped wheat ale.

Other major breweries in the state such as Founders, Shorts, Old Nation, and many more make the State of Michigan one of the most dominant forces in the craft beer

One of my favorite things about craft beer is the creativeness of different brews. To me, typical pilsners such as Budweiser, Miller, and Coors taste very similar, not
that its always a bad thing but with the adjuncts(fillers) added to the beer,
it gives that watered down but drinkable taste. Craft beer offers a more
alternative to the norm, mixes in different flavors and ingredients to make
beer unique and more fun. To me, craft beer is a drinkable art form.

Overall, Michigan is one of the biggest consumers of IPA’s(India Pale Ale) overall, however, In the winter, stouts and porters seem to be more popular because of the heavier body and warmth from the brew. In Michigan, we have to deal with
colder weather conditions so that extra warmth from beer is a great way to help
deal with the colder seasons.

I’m currently in the process of home brewing my first beer, the White Russian Cream Stout. When I go out to bars, one of my favorite cocktails to order is a White Russian, so I wanted to create a beer that captures the taste of the White Russian in beer form. I’ve always had a passion for craft beer, so when it came to writing about it and I am proud to be able to brew my own and hopefully share my creation with the world someday.

White Russian Cream
White Russian Cream Stout in secondary fermentation
Emmanuel Bates

Emmanuel Bates

E-Man Bates is a Hip Hop artist and journalist that decided to combine two things he loves, music and beer. E-Man along with a group of people plan on traveling around the state going to various music venues, bars and breweries interviewing various people in their respective industries. We invite you to follow along as we document our experiences! Beats And Brews is a Michigan based blog founded by Emmanuel “E-Man” Bates with the intent of highlighting on the awesome music and beer that comes from the state of Michigan.

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