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Pleasantly Surprised At Rock Bottom Brewery Pleasantly Surprised At Rock Bottom Brewery
Pleasantly Surprised At Rock Bottom Brewery

Spread across the US with 27 locations in 15 different states, Rock Bottom is the brewery experience you are looking for.  You know the experience I am talking about, the one that comes with delicious food.  They seem to have such a grasp on both food and beverage, and you aren’t sure which one they are focused on more.  Combine chain-restaurant accessibility with the attention to detail that only comes with family-owned restaurants, and you have an idea of what you can expect at Rock Bottom.  The location I visited had large open seating areas with brewery related décor and Spring Training games on the televisions.  All experiences will be unique, but I will walk you through mine, so you know where the bar has been set.

Upon arrival, we were seated by an amenable fellow named Kevin. 

After perusing the beer menu, I was torn between two of their India Pale Ales, their Hot Springs IPA, and their RyePA.  Sensing my uncertainty, Kevin offered to bring me a taster of both.  The Hot Springs IPA was what I have come to know and love with a great IPA.  Not overly hoppy, but bitter enough that you knew what you were drinking.  The RyePA was a darker beer that utilized rye in the brewing process.  The rye gave it a slightly harder aftertaste but was delicious nonetheless.  As I was pondering one of life’s toughest decisions, here comes Kevin with an unsolicited taster of a brew not even on the menu yet, Berry White IPA.  

Upon first glance, it appeared he had brought me a blueberry smoothie.  What he had brought was one of the best spring day IPA’s I have ever had.  Brewed with wheat, oats, and wait for it….. Blueberries.  It was in a word, refreshing.  So good I ended up getting a growler (big bottle approximately 64 ounces) of it to take home.  It should also be noted, the bottle with the delicious beer in it cost just over $10.  We were able to get around six beers out of it, so it wasn’t a deal; it was a steal!  Now I have the bottle at home to take in for refills at an even lower price.  Talk about bargain beer shopping.  While I have come to love craft beer, the cost on most occasions can be a difficult hurdle to overcome.  To be able to get the beer that I found so delicious at a lower price than what I would pay for a mass produced beer was an unexpected bonus.

Now you may be wondering, what about the food. 

He said it was a great brewery/restaurant.  The food was delicious as well.  I went with a perfectly cooked steak sandwich, and my significant other had a Baja Chicken Sandwich that she said she loved.  The menu was diverse enough for discerning tastes without being overcomplicated for the sake of overcomplication.  On the list were steaks, burgers, salads, and a particularly enticing Brewery Nacho dish that almost beat out the steak sandwich. The food was great, the service was excellent, and the beer was outstanding.  All in all, with the brew we took home, we had a great lunch with one beer each for just over $50 — not fast food prices by any means, but a great experience with superior service.

Rock Bottom

If you find yourself in one of the 15 states these fine folks serve, it is worth stopping in.  The best part about this experience is that it will never be the same twice.  Their brews are continually changing, as evidenced by the luck I had with Berry White IPA. Give it a shot, and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

Derek Harrison

Derek Harrison

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